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                            Company Profile

                              Foreverway Environmental Science and Technology Co.Ltd, located in Nanjing, beside Qinhuai River, has the titles of Nantional High and New Technology Enterprise, Jiangsu Privately operated science and technology enterprise and middle-sized science and technology enterprise in Jiangsu. Our company is listed in equity trading centre of Jiangsu province in Sept. 2013, called “Foreverway Environment for short, transaction code690015”. Our company focuses on greening career of garden landscape, and positively expands new business in the field of rural sewage treatment, water ecological management, soil site remediation, sludge and solid waste disposal via “ecological fusion of environmental protection and gardens”, has formed a business pattern of synergetic development of ecological environmental protection and gardens and provide systemic solutions for gardens, environmental protection and other water conservancy and municipal projects .


                            Main business

                            • Landscape greening

                                Committed to building garden waterfront ecological landscape besides providing municipal landscaping.

                            • Rural sewage treatment

                                Provide a professional ,high efficiency and stable treatment for distributed rural sewage.

                            • Water ecological management

                                Take measures to the black smelly, eutropication of water bodies not only the landscape water but also the lake water systems.

                            • Water conservancy construction

                                Including the construction of pump station, brake,embankment project and other water conservancy projects.

                            • Soil site remediation

                               Including the remdiation of cultivated farmland, industrial sites and lacustrine sediment and other contaminated soil.

                            • Sludge and solid waste disposal 

                                Committed to realizing the sludge and solid waste harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization.


                            Contact Us




                            Address:20th floor,Golden Eagle Hanzhong New City,Hanzhongmen Street NO.1,Nanjing.    


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